Movement, scenic composition, presence and action / workshop


October 01 to October 06,

In collaboration with the Embassy of Spain in Lebanon and MANSION
TRAINERS : Borja Ruiz and Juana Lor / SPAIN
Venue : Mansion, Zokak El Blatt, Beirut
Duration : 6 days, 20h
Dates : Tuesday 1, 6pm to 9pm
Wednesday 2, 6pm to 9pm
Thursday 3, 6pm to 9pm
Friday 4: 6pm to 9pm
Saturday 5: 11am to 5pm
Sunday 6: 11am to 8pm
Language : English
Areas of work : space, shape, time, emotion, movement and story
Age suitability : 18+ / Previous theatre training and experience is required
Application procedure : Send CV + motivation text at [email protected] with “Nest” as subject.
Places are limited to 14 participants
Registration deadline : September 18th. You will receive a response by September 23rd. Your place will be confirmed by email as soon as the fee is paid. The fee is non-refundable, unless someone else fills your place.
Fees: 85 $


In this 6-day workshop, Borja Ruiz And Juana Lor, members of Kabia Teatro will transmit the company’s training so that the participants can use several acting tools in order to present a site-specific piece at the end of the workshop.
Kabia’s Training is based on acting presence and the work with different acting elements such as voice, body, space, text and song. The goal is to immerse in improvisation techniques allowing participants to work with time and space by developing a double consciousness: the attention towards what happens in the space with the other actors on stage and towards oneself and self-actions.
One of the main aspects of Kabia’s Training is Viewpoints, a mayor technique which will be also shared. A great opportunity to develop yourself as an actor/actress in relation with other key theatre aspects. As a result of this workshop, there will be a performance/site specific on Sunday October 6 at 7pm open to the public at Mansion.
Borja Ruiz is a director, actor, pedagogue and theatre researcher. Founder and director of Kabia Theatre since 2006, Borja has received more than five teen awards both for his shows and for his work as researcher. - Ercilla award to Best Basque Production for Decir alluvia y que llueva , or the Artezblai research award for his book El arte del actor en el siglo XX (The actor’s art in 20th century). HIs book has become a reference for the Spanish speaking Drama schools. He has directed Alicia después de Alicia, El árbol de Hisoshima, La noche árabe, Itzala, Rojo al agua, Decir lluvia y que llueva and Paisaje con argonautas among other plays.
Since 1999, he teaches acting, body expression, theatre history and direction. He currently lectures in a Masters degree at the Universidad del País Vasco UPV (University of Basque Country).
Borja has tour America (Nueva York, Miami, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina) and Europe (Portugal, France, Italy, England, Sweden, Slovenia, Serbia and Belgium) with his workshops and lectures. He has published more than 200 articles in Scenic Arts journals.
Juana Lor is an actress, pedagogue and translator-interpreter. Member of KABIA theatre company since 2006, Juana guides the theatre company training and takes part in its shows. Among others, she has acted in Kabia’s productions Rojo al agua, Decir lluvia y que llueva and Paisaje con argonautas. Arquetipos de mujer: una búsqueda (Women arquetipos: a search) , writer, directed and performed by Juana won Best actress award at Indifest 2015. Both Borja and Juana accumulate a number of important awards.