"Mahatta 75"


13-14 July at 7:30 pm ,

An event that will leave you speechless. "Mahatta 75" is just the event you want to spend your evening in. What is it, you might ask? It's a concert held by the one and only Sami Clark! He's a well-respected worldwide Lebanese singer known for his operatic voice. 

Clark won 5 international awards and took part in multiple songs for animated series such as "Grendizer". He will be performing along with his band to get the music to go through your ears straight to your heart.

Not to mention that B1 will have a floor organized just for souvenirs and brochures to show you the group's history and how it grew to become a big family (prizes included).

It's going to be a night to remember where all of us are going to celebrate B1's 75th anniversary, and guess what? EVERYONE IS INVITED!

Further information is mentioned in the poster below.

Entry fees: 20$- 30$/person.