Macbeth Disassembled / workshop


October 03 - October 10 ,

In collaboration with the Belgium Embassy in Lebanon & Union Marks
Trainers : Anne Thuot & Sara Sampelayo / BELGIUM
Venue : Union Marks – Abroyan Factory, Emile Eddeh street, Bourj Hammoud, Beirut
Duration : 8 days, 33h
Dates : Thur 3, Fri 4: 6pm to 9.30 pm
Sat 5: 11am to 5pm
Sun 6: 11am to 6pm
Mon 7, Tue 8, Wed 9: 6pm to 9.30pm
Fri 10: Public presentation at 8pm
Language : English and French (participants may act in their own language).
Areas of work : Dramaturgy & Creative process
Age suitablity : Previous theatre training and experience is required
Application procedure : Send CV + motivation text (as a letter or video), highlighting your connection with Macbeth. Alternatively, send a photo of yourself as Macbeth or Lady Macbeth in Beirut at [email protected] with ‘Macbeth’ as subject.
Places are limited to 12 participants.
Registration deadline : September 18th. You will receive a response by September 23rd. Your place will be confirmed by email as soon as the fee is paid. The fee is non-refundable, unless someone else fills your place.
Fees: 85 $
Imagine a group of performers playing of a series of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth characters, inspired by the play by William Shakespeare. Imagine also that these same performers invade an empty place, an abandoned factory, far from the stage and the spotlights. They get settled in a place where no one expects to see them, in an unexpected place and neighborhood, with few materials to start with, work, imagine and create together. The workshop is addressed to experienced or currently under training performers.
The purpose of the workshop is to provide each performer with tools to connect with a text and to establish a specific and singular link with it. The starting point is Macbeth by William Shakespeare. We will examine the text of the play from various dimensions and according to each performer’s sensitivity, imagination and perceptions of the world. Together, we will question the main themes of the original piece, and place them in relation to who we are today, our various origins and multiple paths in life, each from our own individual experience.
The workshop proposes an open artistic approach, where social, political and intimate dimensions will be permeable and interrelated. Creativity will nurture from exploring those dimensions, their contact points and the dialogue established among them.
As a result of this workshop, there will be a performance on Thursday October 10th at 8pm, showing the new version of MACBETH built from the participants’ own scenic language.
A graduate of the National Institute of Performing Arts, she has been a performer and director for more
than 20 years.
She directed for Toc Group and collaborated with the Transquinquennal collectives, Dito'Dito, the
young Flemish theater Bronks and the choreographers Hans Van Den Broeck and Jérôme Bel in the
show Gala.
She has created J’ai enduré los discourse et j’ai l’oreille en feu in collective writing with Caroline
Lamarche, Wild for the young public and Looking for the “putes mecs" with Diane Fourdrignier.
She has recently been developing the project You Will Be Missed, in collaboration with Sara Sampelayo,
that incorporates video and sound work. A stage of this work has already been performed in France and
at the National Theatre of Belgium, in Brussels.
At the same time, she has been a professor at INSAS (National Theatre School of Belgium) for 8 years.
After studying at the Royal Conservatory of Dance in Madrid and Escuela de Arte No.10 in photography,
she moved to Brussels and worked with Wim Vandekeybus Puur, Hans van den Broeck, Messiah Run!,
Harold Henning, Anne Thuot, Fré Werbrouck Petites Morsure sur les Vide I, II, III and Sillon, Louise
Vanneste Going West, Michiel Soete Tarnish, Per me non basto and Aged to Perfection, with the
collective Lucinda Ra Grondwerk, etc.
At the same time, she develops her own projects as choreographer Just in Time for Something, Low and
ODiUM. After having co-created with the artist Nele Vereckeen the show Oudere Kinderen with Bronks,
they continue their collaboration by developing a new installation, Plastocene, which will be presented
at the end of 2019 in Ghent. She is currently researching her new Sin-Lugar project, a hybrid video
installation and performance project.
She collaborates as a photographer and video-creator for several companies and theaters.