Close to Here

16 & 17 December,

This play is happening in a city close to here. One that only knew times of peace as exceptions. One where most people go to war and only a few make it back. Some die. Others disappear. This play is happening in a city whose people cannot bury their beloved, cannot cry for them. A city whose people cannot end their grief. A city whose people are women, men and children who have not gone to war, but have been forced to live with the fact that their loved ones have. To survive, the people of this city rehearse the funerals of their loved ones, a tradition that takes place the night before their departure to battle. This play is trapped in a story of a city captivated by the infinite melancholy of its own people. 

Commissioned by the Sharjah Art Foundation - SB13, 2017

Running 16 and 17 December 2017 at 8:30pm.  

Language: Arabic

Written and directed by Roy Dib

Julia Kassar
Lina Sahhab
Sandy Chamoun

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