Al Zifaf

Theatre Performance

October 11 & October 12 - 20:30,



Lebanese production in collaboration with the Goethe Institut and Bankers Assurances


Duration : 1h30’
Language : Arabic with English subtitles
Age suitability : 18+
Venue : Al Madina Theatre, Hamra, Beirut - Main stage
Al Zifaf (The Wedding) is a one-act play written by young Bertolt Brecht about a wedding in which everyone needs to look good and during which everything goes wrong. While lightly and cruelly mocking delusions and conventions, the play reveals the gap between images we long to project and reality.
(الزفاف) نص للكاتب المسرحي (برتولد بريشت)، يدور حول عرس عائلي يرغب جميع الأفراد فيه بالتظاهر بأنهم على مايرام، بينما تتجه الأحداث من سيء إلى الأسوأ. بمزيج من الخفة والقسوة، تسخر المسرحية من التقاليد والأوهام، وتلقي الضوء على المفارقة التي تعيشها الشخصيات والتي نعيشها نحن، بين ما نرغب بتصويره للآخرين عن أنفسنا، وبين الواقع المتغلب علينا بإستمرار

La Noce est une pièce en un acte écrite par le jeune Bertolt Brecht, autour d’un mariage où tout le monde doit avoir fière allure, mais au cours duquel tout tourne mal. Légère et cruelle, la pièce démonte les illusions et les conventions, en mettant à jour le fossé entre les images désespérément projetées et la puissance de la réalité qui nous rattrape.

An adaptation of Bertold Brecht’s “La noce chez les petite bourgeois”
Adaptation and Direction : Caroline Hatem
Director assistant : Riwa Houssami
Performed by : Mohamad Akil, Maguy Balabane, Yara Abou Haydar, Ehab Chaabane, Jessy Khalil, Mohamad Dayekh, Hassan Nabulsi, Joseph Akiki, Angelina Sarkissian
Musicians : Rami Al Jundi, Dyaa Hamza
Digital Scenography : Firas Al Hallaq overseen by Christopher Kondek 
Light Design : Rayan Al Nihawi
Costumes :Nour Domloje
Sound Engineer : Mohamad Farhat
Set : Qais Hammood, Rayan Nihawi, Violette Ouaiss
Stage manager : Krystel Salloum



Prices :

  • 5000 L.L : Students (upon showing their ID), professional artists.  These tickets can only be purchased at Al Madina box office and at Antonine bookshop with the student ID and proof of professional status.

  • 15000 L.L : Regular tickets 

  • 25000 L.L : First Front central rows

Tickets are available at :